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3 weeks ago
Highly recommend!!!
3 weeks ago
just finished up my loan app with 1F cash ADvance and Im still smiling! Between the laidback comfy office vibes and the super friendly managers, the whole thing was pretty darn pleasant. Wasn't expecting that from the loan process but hey, nice surprise!
1 month ago
This by far is the absolute worst experience our family has had with any provider. And the worst experience I have had with any professional in my entire life. Dr. Baros traumatized my sons, and didn’t finish treatment for them (that she was paid for by insurance to c...
3 months ago
these people lied to us from day one ,they did not provide a new loan to pay for hard money loan, they force me to pay extension every six months ,3k i trusted them but never met any body in person they sign my extension contract on line , i had TO GIVE THEN 50 K DOWN T...
4 months ago
I would like to start my review by saying, if I could give 0 stars I would have. This was literally the worst customer experience I have ever had. The only way it could have been worse is if they kicked me in the ?#@$% after handing my keys back! I will sum this review ...
4 months ago
Good afternoon! Working with Kristi Erickson and Laura bland was the best possible experience I could have, considering I was going through divorce. They both went out of their way help me every step of the way and start to finish. It was very quick. It was like spendin...
5 months ago
In the extreme, sub-zero temperatures of January, my building lost heat, water, and was declared uninhabitable. My insurance company left me homeless, delaying coverage for shelter, food, and water for weeks- despite an approved catastrophe claim. If it weren't for...
6 months ago
Can never get a call back. Always seems to have an out of office voicemail up.
7 months ago
They charge high prices , but as all in the court system, you are guilty until proven innocent,, jay never shows to court dates , too busy sucking up to tv appearances, his ego is ridiculous, never lost a case , you will lose with anyone else , does not do his work , b...
7 months ago
Realtors beware....Don't know what has happened with the management and photographers at this place but do yourself a favor and do not use them unless you want below grade zero results. An amateur can take better photos! I've been using them for 10 years and unt...
7 months ago
Easily the best experience I have had at a provider in forever. Friendly, expedient, efficient and professional. It would be foolish not to use Dr Francis if you are able to.
8 months ago
This business is horrible. It's better not to use it. They do not respond back in time and the person who answers the phone is very rude. They do not listen to the request. It is a bad business altogether.
9 months ago
I was dropped a week before my court date. I never even saw my attorneys face. I paid full paychecks to these people and it was not enough. I am a single mother of 5. This was a joke. I’m now in collections yet I never saw any real help from anyone. I did most things ...
9 months ago
Straight forward no bs with Casey and his paralegal Wyatt top notch. These two will bust ass for you. They took me in right away. My case was in literally two days away when I hired them. Not a problem with them. There make it work even if that means weekends. They will...
10 months ago
Danielle Todd and Caroline Holmes are a great team. It was a pleasure working with them both. I couldn’t have obtained better legal counsel than Caroline. From our first meeting, it was evident that she’s super smart and knows the law. But as important, she gets the...
10 months ago
I had my estate updated by K. Look. She did an excellent job. There was more to do than I had guessed or thought of. Very professional, thorough and timely service. This has given me much needed peace of mind. I highly recommend this firm!
10 months ago
Over the course of a year our experience with Fluid Truck has been a complete nightmare, and I feel compelled to share my frustrations with others. In my interactions with this company, it became evident that they blatantly disregard their customers, and fail to fulfill...
10 months ago
Heather with customer service very helpful and friendly.thanks heather!!!!!!!
10 months ago
This school has changed so much over the years from different owners who the classes are taught but it has all been for the better. When i came here 7 years ago and it was regency it felt lacking. but not, the education staff is attentive to the needs of the students as...
10 months ago
I've ordered 1,000s and 1,000s of dollars with k series parts, recently I forgot to add 2 parts to an order, so I added a new order less than 13 hours apart. K series parts charged me 15 dollars for shipping on this second order, so I sent an email explaining the si...
10 months ago
Second time using this company Derek and Cara were absolutely outstanding! This is an honest, acurate and effective company with amazing communication! Thank you so much !
11 months ago
We've worked with Mike on a number of construction related issues. He is very thorough in his approach and he gives great advice and provides good results.
11 months ago
I hate writing reviews . Hopefully this helps someone If you like a corporate doctor office. Advanced Dermatology is for you. First make sure that you communicate with them about insurance coverage. I have been going to this dermatologist for two years . Last year w...
11 months ago
Extremely bad experience. They were working on a K-1 Visa application (form I-129F) for us, which we have worked on several months before by ourselves, so it only required their review and some small details; in their contract, they promised to put together a good packa...
11 months ago
We had an incredible experience purchasing our new car at Key Auto. About an hour after we left we started having transmission issues, we called the dealership and they told us to bring it back and they would take a look at it for us. In the meantime they lent us a Land...
11 months ago
great and professional service
11 months ago
good service thank you american eagle limousine
11 months ago
Falsefying concern on an innocent parent traumatizes their children and the parent for life. It enables parent alienation that is extreme child abuse. This has been seen by the Arapahoe County CPS worker making the news of false reporting on the Aurora City Council wom...
11 months ago
My 88 year old father went there for the first time. When we filled out his paperwork we listed his pharmacy and when he was there he told them his pharmacy. Despite that, they sent it to another pharmacy stating that it was a compound and only Summit pharmacy could f...
1 year ago
If you have a very bad filler job, they will not refund you or give you a credit for the amount you spent. I have not seen such bad customer service before.
1 year ago
Amazing people that helped me get my life back. I can't thank them enough. Best decision I've ever made.
1 year ago
Our windows are so sparkly clean you'd swear there's not glass in the frames! We'd just completed a big home renovation project, so there was dust everywhere, but you'd never know it. Raul did amazing job. He took extraordinaire care to get every window...
1 year ago
Very professional fast and reliable ect...
1 year ago
I have met some great people and made some friends as well. Trying to network as well since I just moved from Massachusetts. Many people are welcoming and some are not. We are all humans with emotions and feelings, but have to take the good with the bad. Thanks E & A
1 year ago
Trust this review from a real client not a professional G. A. Review writer writing five star reviews! Investor beware! Do not waste your time! Capital Fund 1 will not communicate with you unless you call corporate in Phoenix and leave a dissatisfied message. Capita...
1 year ago
My encounter with Fluid Truck has been nothing short of a nightmare. After a regrettable incident involving one of their vehicles causing damage to my property, I reached out to them for assistance and resolution. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a frustr...
1 year ago
good services thank you
1 year ago
I love this place and EVERYONE at the Denver location is sweet, professional, kind, helpful and knowledgeable. They greeted me with such kindness and my Nurse was very professional what started out for me as a nervous situation, because 9ve never done anything like this...
1 year ago
Jennifer and her team are the absolute best! All are very professional and courteous. They kept me informed and updated on my case. For a year I was having problems with SSI DISABILITY. They were able to move forward with it and win her case within three months. Highly ...
1 year ago
Sami is as much a masterful massage therapist as he is a designer of sound and experience. I felt completely cocooned in a deep calm and gentle warmth during my session, with an immediate knowing and trusting that every detail of the session was intuitively and thoughtf...
1 year ago
We had a HORRIBLE experience with our visit to Advanced Dermatology. We will not be back. It is unfortunate, because we just moved to Denver from Los Angeles. Finding a Doctor is challenging enough, then calling in and scheduling appointments can stretch out 5 - 6 week...
1 year ago
This is the most mentally and expensive mistake I have made should have done my research better. Instead of having a cheaper electric bill, I now have a regular gas bill, united power bill not a $20 bill like they tell you it's $106 around that range and now a mosai...
1 year ago
Embarrassing company that pretends to do pentesting when in fact all they do is a vulnerability scan (not even a good one) and calls it a pentest. They claim to "only have senior people" and yet, they hire junior "pentesters" and just call them "seni...
1 year ago
Kristina is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and professional at her job! She has given me dysport and microneedling and the results have always been immaculate. I highly recommend going to her for any service!
1 year ago
This place is horrible! they do not help the patient, they just watch you suffer in agony, and offer you Tylenol..They don't have blankets for the patient and if the place happens to catch ? the patients would be locked in with no way out! It's like a jail or...
1 year ago
Awful place will never go back. Wish I never spent my money. They are going to rob you of your money and the men that work there are full on creeps! Be on your toes!
1 year ago
WHAT JOKE!! This organization is an absolute joke. They claim to provide you a guarantee but you have to apply to 10 jobs a day for 45 days in order for them to stand behind their promise of getting you and interview(section 3.4 of terms). As a highly educated executive...
1 year ago
I have gone on dates through It’s Just Lunch and felt the staff was responsive to my feedback and gave advice about dates. They provided information about dates and asked questions about my interests. Follow up calls were helpful because they asked questions about t...
1 year ago
Get ready for Mafia style collections with intimidation tactics and confrontational accounting department. We received a call from the Robinson & Henry accounting department from James Mcbe which we thought was 1 day after we received our bill. Turns out we missed the ...
1 year ago
Tony Gallagher provided an amazing experience for December engagement photos in Breckenridge. While there was a risk of extremely cold temps, Tony was able to capture the beauty of the area and the wonderful proposal. Tony is an excellent communicator, professional, a...