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Rubenstein Law has been helping accident victims get justice in personal injury cases since 1988. Rubenstein Law now has over 50 attorneys and 20 Partners. Twelve Board Certified Litigators are also part of the firm. Rubenstein Law is one of today's leading personal injury law firms. Clients are represented in a variety of situations, including auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, catastrophic injuries, premises liability, medical malpractice, child injury, birth injuries, etc. Rubenstein Law’s Mass Tort Division is responsible for representing clients who have been injured by dangerous chemicals and drugs, or defective products. Do you know more than 130000 Americans are injured in truck accidents each year? Truck accidents can result in more severe injuries than car accidents. The financial and emotional impact on victims and their families is devastating. After an accident there can be confusion, which may lead to a wrong decision. These decisions can be costly if you need to sue for bodily injury or property damage. In this case, truck accident attorneys are indispensable. Our attorneys will help you navigate the complicated truck accident claim process to ensure that you get the justice and compensation you deserve. When you choose to work with our firm, you can be sure that we will get you the best legal outcome for your case. When other drivers are aggressive or distracted, they become a danger to all other vehicles—especially motorcycles. A quick lane change or a few minutes of tailgating is all it takes for a reckless driver to cause a terrible motorcycle accident. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a motorcycle accident, you know just how serious they can be. After the accident, there are medical procedures and bills, missed work, and vehicle repairs. The last thing you need is to deal with the insurance company, which is trying to settle your claim as cheaply and quickly as possible. Accidents like slip and falls or trips and falls happen all the time. They can occur anywhere and to anyone. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that falls are responsible for more than 8 million hospital emergency rooms visits (23%) making them the number one cause of ERs. Over 1 million of these visits are due to slips and falls. You may fall on a wet or loose floor in a bar, supermarket, shopping mall, hotel or other establishment. Your life, as well as that of your loved ones, is forever altered.


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