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1 month ago
Buck Wild training completely changed the relationship I have with my dog! Victoria is so knowledgeable and comfortable in what she does and has taught me so much about dogs and training. She showed me how to better understand the ways my pup communicates with me, helpi...
1 month ago
Tonya's firm was extremely attentive to accuracy and detail with my case. Follow up was a must. I would use her over and over again if needed. I have referred her to others who need her services. She made the process less pain saking and attention to detail was meti...
Bill and Sam
2 months ago
I reached out to The Snyder Law Firm to potentially represent me in an auto accident case. They were the most efficient , reliable and most of all, responsive law firm I have ever experienced. Highly recommended.
3 months ago
DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER use this law firm. They do not communicate with their clients. You are left wondering what is going on with your case. Attorneys are never available to speak with. You have to go through the customer service representative to relay your concer...
3 months ago
What a son of a bitch. This asshole only cares about his big black dick and where he can put it for free.
5 months ago
I would never in life recommend this sorry law firm. The silo firm has Mike’s Logan talking a lot of trash one commercials however, talk is cheap. They did not pay my bills for my hospital. Emergency room visit I did. Do not use this firm do not.
6 months ago
I chose The Snyder Law Firm based on customer reviews, but I later realized that these reviews were misleading. The paralegals, especially Millissa, are very unfriendly and tend to avoid communicating with clients they dislike. My emails often go unanswered, and I don&#...
7 months ago
Extremely, very extremely, expensive lesson learned. Thought that I would give him the opportunity to prove that he was as capable as he advertised. Course do see in these reviews that at least one of his employees gives him 5 stars, how many more, because he certainly ...
9 months ago
Although she could've just written pretty words on paper, Brenda instead took the time to get to know me and readily assisted me with my career journey.... It's the career service I didn't know I needed.
10 months ago
My lawyer , representative , whoever never made contact !!!!! I call daily and get no response!!! My case been open for over 8 months now !!!!! The communication is horrible this is my 2 review in the pass two months, this the only way I get they attention HORRIBLE SER...
10 months ago
Please be aware! The people at this company are dishonest. We believed everything Ron promised us, but nothing was done. My 90 years old father lived with a demolished kitchen from the water damage for more than 4 months. The insurance paid half of the money for the res...
1 year ago
Shimon Kafka is the epitome of a great lawyer. He represents his self with such professionalism. I never once had to question if he was on my side. He was the best advocate i could have asked for. His confidence put me at ease. He will fight for you and he will get the ...
1 year ago
When I first purchased from GreenBrilliance, I would have given 5 stars. After my house almost burning down and their being unresponsive for 2-3 months. They did eventually (4 months total) repair the system, but having missed prodcution from Oct through Jan, I will n...
1 year ago
Fantastic product. I got the 50 mg/pc watermelon gummies, lasted a good while and were effective, very happy with the product, will be buying again :]
1 year ago
Excellent customer service they were very friendlyand knowledgeable. They were out of a product I ordered. They called and asked if there was another product I'd prefer so I'd get it sooner but I liked the particular brand kept my order and still got it delivere...