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Cellino Law has a team of experienced lawyers who are prepared to help in cases involving medical negligence. All types of medical malpractice cases are handled by us. Cellino Law, founded in 1958, was created to defend the rights of those injured by negligence. Cellino Law was founded in 1958 to protect the rights of victims who have been injured. Our firm provides aggressive and compassionate representation for victims of car accidents, medical malpractice, or injured workers on private or public sites. Our firm also assists families of loved ones who lost a family member due to the wrongful death, or residents in nursing homes who were mistreated by their caregivers. All of us expect that our doctors and nurses will provide excellent service. Not always. Believe that there has been medical malpractice in New York City. Doctors' negligence can cause serious injuries, damage to property or even death. If you believe you have been injured by New York medical malpractice, you should immediately contact an attorney. The medical malpractice attorneys have the necessary experience to handle any case of negligence. We have a proven track record and will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Our firm will protect your rights as both a client or patient. Call us today to talk to one of our representatives regarding your medical malpractice claim. Cellino Law found that many construction accident victims are not aware of their legal rights. Most victims do not know that they can seek compensation for their losses. Many people believe that compensation is only for medical costs. The injured person is unable to recuperate quickly, and they incur costs such as lost wages and medical bills. Many people require the help of an attorney in New York to get fair compensation. No matter how rare or unique the case, information is key. We aim to provide victims with the information they need through risk-free consultations. Construction site accident victims are eligible for free consultations. The survivors can learn more about New York Law and how it applies to their situation. Information they will receive includes their legal rights and the worth of their case. They can cause serious injury. These accidents can happen anywhere, including in shopping malls and supermarkets. They also occur at hotels, restaurants and parking lots. Many slip-and-fall accidents occur because of the negligence or carelessness of property owners. It is therefore important that you contact an experienced New York slip and Fall lawyer immediately after an incident. Cellino Law is a New York-based personal injury law firm that can help you if you've been hurt by a slip and fall accident on an unmaintained property.


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