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Robert Sinesi Law Firm

Robert Sinesi Law Firm

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103 E Water St Suite 204, Syracuse, NY 13202, USA Get Directions
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Are you facing a traffic ticket or other violation? Robert Sinesi Law Firm, a Syracuse traffic ticket attorney firm founded in 1994, has assisted thousands of clients to defend themselves against traffic violations. Paying your traffic ticket might seem like the best way to resolve it. However, doing so will result in you admitting your guilt, paying fines and points, as well as increasing your insurance rates. Their team can help you to fight your ticket and maintain a clean driving record. They also help Canadians who have been given tickets in New York State but are from Ontario or Quebec. Do not just pay your ticket. Robert Sinesi Law Office offers a no-cost consultation to help you decide how best to handle your case. The service is available in Chinese. In New York, a DWI is if you're found driving with BAC of 0.08 or more. A DWI charge for driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.18 will be filed, which has more severe penalties. New York has a Driving While Ability Impaired charge (DWAI), which is divided into three categories. They include DWAI while under the influence of alcohol, DWAI when a drug other than alcohol is involved, or DWAI when both alcohol and drugs are combined. The drugs can be either prescription or illicit drugs.


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