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The SRD Law Firm, a Columbus attorney, has been protecting the rights and interests of criminal defendants for over 20 years. Individuals in Franklin County, Ohio, and surrounding areas are represented by us for OVI, assault or domestic violence, theft, or OVI. Your case is important to your defense. Our attorney will ensure that the prosecution and court are aware of all pertinent issues. If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is important to contact an attorney right away. Highly recommended is Sallynda Rothchild Dennison. She's a well-respected attorney who provides legal assistance to victims of domestic violence throughout Ohio. Divorce proceedings can sometimes include domestic violence cases. This could be used to help resolve a child custody dispute. If your spouse applies for a protection or restraining order, the consequences of being accused with domestic violence could extend to divorce proceedings. An unclean criminal record can have a serious impact on your job, career and financial ability to buy a gun. Domestic violence cases can involve restraining/protection orders. If the restraining/protection order is attached to a criminal case, consulting Ms. Dennison is probably in your best interests. If you do not plead guilty, Ms. Dennison can provide an aggressive and effective defense. Dennison can get the charges dismissed if the accused is capable of presenting the evidence to court. If you are found guilty, Ms. Dennison will help reduce the severity and consequences of your charges. It is crucial that you speak with an attorney immediately you face criminal charges to protect your freedom and rights. Sallynda Rothchild is a Columbus criminal defense attorney who can help you with your Ohio case. Experienced, Aggressive criminal defense lawyer. All felonies, and misdemeanors, in Ohio courts, include OVI/DUI, Assault, drug, domestic violence, fraud, rape, civil protection orders, Juvenile Law. She is an aggressive defense lawyer that goes above and beyond for her clients. Early in her career, she learned to look beyond just the legal matter and see the root causes of the problems faced by her clients. Drug possession and distribution can lead to severe penalties. A drug-related offense in Ohio can cause serious consequences for your professional and personal life. You could lose your job or be kicked out of school. SRD Law Office's Attorney Dennison will fight to reduce or drop drug charges and place clients in rehabilitation programs instead of being incarcerated. We can help you defend yourself if you are accused of drug crimes anywhere in Ohio or in the Columbus region.


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