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2 weeks ago
It’s been a month they have not called me leaving multiple messages they pick and choose who they want horrible place
2 months ago
One of the most abusive companies I have ever come across in my life. I did studies with them for 11 years since 2013. I had one day where I had a problem… I had an appointment but all of the stoplights by me were down which delayed me from getting there on time. I wo...
3 months ago
ZERO stars!! BEWARE!! Worst company I've ever worked with. I REPEAT BEWARE-Emmanuel "Many" Zermeno is a crook!! A con and has NO idea what he's doing! Nehemiah Construction is currently being sued! He started my kitchen remodel on March 11 and 3 weeks an...
4 months ago
Beatriz walked me through the whole legal process after my auto accident. The process was resolved in my favor. I am grateful for her assistance and for Eric's help as well. K. Hurst
4 months ago
What a joke for a treatment facility. It's like being in jail. They escort you to smoke to gym, to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's like being babysat. You have staff telling other people about client's personal business. You have counselors asking clients...
5 months ago
Hi made an appointment over a month ago. Filled out all the online paperwork. Uploaded the front and back of my insurance card. I was contacted by the office the day before my appointment and told my insurance was out of network. I had already taken the day off from wor...
5 months ago
My dogs Ellie (10 month female frenchie) and Cody (6 year long hair chihuahua mix) each lost significant amount of weight while at this Optimal K9 board and train. Cody was 17,6 lbs and came back 12.2 lbs. Ellie was 19 lbs and came back 13.4 lbs, skin and bones, with al...
6 months ago
Fantastic group. Takes care to go to whatever length needed.
6 months ago
Just ask a lot of questions before moving forward....if you get a family policy, make sure that they only process it as a family; otherwise, they will underwrite each family member separately.
6 months ago
i feel the lord blessed me when i came here to live. it is like living with one big happy family. the staff is the greatest group of people you could ask for. they are always available for help or whatever one might need. there is always something to do like bingo, ...
6 months ago
Had a 60 minute massage. Very unprofesstional. Not trained, and very light pressure. I did leave a substantial tip, but she asked for more and complained about a $60.00 tip. In my opinion, I should not have left a tip at all. All in all, the massage sucked. Will n...
7 months ago
I'm visiting DFW from Dallas from Florida. Went in to Glo tan on 12/4 and 12/16 and tanned for $19.95 (plus tax) charged to my CC. Went in today and and the young lady could not find my information, so I provided it again on their iPad. She tried to sell me membe...
7 months ago
RC I was referred by a friend of mine and I can say it has been worth it. The staff has been very nice even tho the hurricane of divorce. Tina Campbell has worked with me along this difficult ride seeking for the best interest of the family and helping me out to deal w...
7 months ago
In my opinion, Most would be more successful in their case defending themselves than this clown. He was the 1st of my 3 court appointed attorneys against a false DV felony charge. My case began about 3 years ago. After 3 years, and After 3 court appointed attorneys, I f...
7 months ago
I would also leave a 0 as a review. There is an appearance of health insurance coverage but there are many many limitations. Underwriters are vipers and The agent snuck in a few "extras" on our plan that we did not ask for but were there when we got the polic...
8 months ago
This company is a scam. " RUN QUICK"! I am an inventor and I filed my utility patent through Invent Help and when I left that company I found Leavitt and Eldredge. I left one scamming company and I ended up with another one. I transfer my Utility patent over to ...
8 months ago
Do not EVER hire these people. I took my Siberian Husky and my German Shepherd to board and train there. Every time I tried to get an update from them, it was hours later that I would get one. They were always offsite with other clients. My dogs spent the majority of th...
8 months ago
Horrible experience with bank. Lost my deposit for 2nd time. The first thank God I saved the deposit slip. This time $500. Had to call several times and was told they couldn't find it. The last customer service representative Deanna Morsales was no help and basicall...
Dora Spectacular
8 months ago
The Social Network Crash. I engaged the Social Sharks for seven months, and I paid them a lot of money. They appeared to care about their clients and services, and I trusted them. After six months, everything crashed with two awful situations. #TheSocialSharks agreed...
8 months ago
I had an encounter with something in the middle of a single lane road, at night, and it did over $5,000 worth of damage on my beautiful 2021 Genesis GV80. I took it to Crash Brothers and they worked with my insurance company and went above and beyond what I expected! I ...
8 months ago
Do NOT call this plumber in the event you’re in an emergency. They are overpriced and the owner is a real piece of work. They charged us over $850 to fix a leaking spigot which included a $200 dispatch fee. The only reason I agreed is because I didn’t want my yard f...
8 months ago
Very disturbing experience. Yoga instructor made very nasty comments to me directly about my practice and the practice of another member. Studio also took it upon themselves to open member lockers and move members personal belongings. I recommend seeking out any other...
8 months ago
I was told by Comfort Experts to expect my installers between 8:30 and 9:00. I got an email at 9:00 telling me Daniel C was on the way. At 10 he showed up with an assistant. I showed him where the unit was and he asked about the breakers. I showed him the breakers and h...
8 months ago
The collection of jewelery is amazing and unique. The photos in the website are promising and very good. I really liked the jewelery
8 months ago
Thank you very much Nichols for everything you did for us. Especially when we needed it most. I can definitely say that my wife and I had a very pleasant experience. They made us feel very safe at all times, including the necessary medical care we had after the car acci...
8 months ago
If there was very bad, aweful, or worst option i would have picked those. This firm is piece of shit, completely worthless, waste of money, these MF work against you but take money from you, they work in hand with DA and have personal relationship with them and make d...
9 months ago
Terrible gym. Disrespectful and lazy staff. Filthy machines. Go to EŌS Fitness instead.
9 months ago
Upon meeting Angela Sherrer at my house for property management, I was very excited to have her as my property manager. I told her I wanted to wait to have her manage my house until after I had a window replaced. She convinced me to allow her to manage it immediately, a...
9 months ago
Please be aware. Tyler will take your money and give you zero representation to the law- we lost all visitation and custody with the representation of Tyler. And even had to pay restitution fees to other party which never happens. He Will cuss out females in private th...
9 months ago
Mark was awesome to work with and went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly with our transaction. As a realtor, I really appreciated his excellent communication with me to always ensure I was in the loop about everything pertaining to getting the loan ...
9 months ago
If there was a way to leave a rating of zero stars, that is exactly what this company would get! Customer Service is non-existent. When asked to escalate to a supervisor, representative claimed not to have one!!!
10 months ago
Horrible Customer Service and Useless Lawn Treatments. You should first realize they are not showing any google reviews. If you look hard enough you can find them and you will see the reviews given were primarily negative so they buried these reviews and shut off this...
10 months ago
Greir Guidry made this process so easy! He took all the stress out of it for me and did all the leg work. He walked me through everything and answered all of my questions! He took care of us! Highly recommend him!
10 months ago
This is not traditional insurance. They use deceptive and misleading tactics in order to get you to sign up for their “plans”. These are not plans. These are bundled together indemnity (short term limited coverage plans). If you need a drug plan- that is extra. You ...
10 months ago
I agree with other reviews, this is a premium paid for nothing that isn't specifically listed in their payment grid. You pay them, they pay almost nothing.
10 months ago
Wow! Fantastic massage. Shirley is very knowledgeable and professional. She listened prior to massage on what my needs were and proceeded to give an excellent deep tissue massage that was effective and yet also very soothing. I was able to get my brain to shut down so...
10 months ago
When customers are given a time of completion it should be honored. It shouldn't be When you return your told we can't guarantee it will be ready today. Car has been here since 9:30 this morning for an alignment. It's now 2:30
10 months ago
Zero stars..: Worst service ever, we have been trying to reach Dennys Paredes, Carlo Menchaca and no answer. Don’t trust them!
10 months ago
Conner Vardeman was very patient and explained all the options available. Highly recommended him for all health insurance needs.
10 months ago
This is a great law group hands down! I did very exhaustive research over several weeks for just the right firm to handle my case - and I was absolutely right on with my decision. Mr. Hampton himself is great and will assign your case to the appropriate attorney(s) who ...
11 months ago
I actually really like it. I would have not experienced so much and met great friends. It’s like having an entertainment director where all the events for the month are planned out. Not all of it is for me but me and my tribe (italian, black and a cuban) meet up and e...
11 months ago
On 7/11 I cancelled my class with Trinity after I had made my payment for July because the coach that was coaching my daughter didn’t seem like she was invested in the girls or couldn’t handle the volume of the girls she had. Now August they just charged my card ag...
11 months ago
Went into store and walked around. Staff was not welcoming maybe because it looked like I was not going to buy anything. Do not shop here.
11 months ago
There's a scam going around concerning employment with this company. You get an email saying that they need your skills and take you through an abbreviated interview process, then send a "check" for mobile deposit and want you to buy equipment with it. The f...
11 months ago
My experience with scifit was excellent! I have dietary issues and the team help me find options that fit my diet needs, while helping me achieve my weight loss goals. The scans were very motivating!
11 months ago
It use to be a best clinic in the town, not anymore...Front desk decide who go first who could wait. We have to wait two hours locking in waiting room until I call for manager
11 months ago
I just got my brows re-done after 5 years. Michelle was able to bring them back to life with adding color and shaping. Not to mention she made my morning routine a whole lot easier. Michelle was very thorough and explained everything. She measured more than once to make...
11 months ago
I just want to thank you for your support and representation. I believe that Jeff Foust, has a great team with him working together at the Foust Firm. If anyone wants a attorney to represent and support them, this is the place to look no further.
11 months ago
I highly recommend Berenson injury law they are friendly , professional and care about their clients
11 months ago
The fitness location at Hayes is wonderful! Great friendly staff Lots of Equipment in excellent condition Place is always clean Plus very reasonable monthly dues I love it there !