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5 months ago
I just got off the phone with the 3rd cancellation for a consultation. I initially called Moster on Jan. 16th because a contractor breached a kitchen remodeling contract to make it accessible for my son in a wheelchair. I have not had a sink for 5 months. I was advise...
1 year ago
I have had the honor of being under Nicky Boatwright's representation sadly 3 times already since 2017. Since after my very first somewhat, rather big deal of a case, I have trusted Nicky with my life! I strongly voice my opinion that "Hands down, Nicky is the B...
1 year ago
Pretty smooth process, I asked for a no BS experience and they delivered, they showed me the numbers, and I can honestly attest to their great service. @John Blevins is the person to speak to. reach out to him, super knowledgeable as well.