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Health Insurance - Joshua Sargent

Health Insurance - Joshua Sargent

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I am your benefits specialists. If you have any questions, I can answer them! You and your family can count on me to help you in any way I can. You can be sure that you're protected with one of the best companies and top-quality products when things get chaotic in the market. USHEALTH Group gives more than anyone else when everyone else takes your choices away. If you're ready, I'll be there for you. USHEALTH Group, Inc., a UnitedHealthcare-affiliated insurance holding company, is fully integrated. It is located in Fort Worth, Texas. The licensed insurance companies Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, National Foundation Life Insurance Company, and Enterprise Life Insurance Company, are committed to offering innovative Life, Specified Disease/Sickness, Accident and Disability Insurance solutions to self-employed people, families, small businesses owners, and their employees. USHEALTH Group, through its insurance companies has provided individualized plans to more than 150 million clients over the past 50 years. Our products The USHEALTH Group is aware that each customer's needs are different when it comes to their health insurance. Because we value choice, we know that our customers appreciate the variety of choices we offer. They can choose the coverage most suitable for them. We have a wide range of options that allow customers to choose from. The USHEALTH Group is uniquely qualified to meet each customer's needs for reliability and flexibility in insurance choices through innovative product design. We offer innovative products that provide benefits up to $1000 for all covered services. There are also substantial discounts within our network of providers, which is great news for customers with limited funds. While these plans can be more cost-effective than comprehensive ones, they offer the same first dollar protection as a more limited plan. Customers who desire more customized coverage and are able to afford a certain level of cost sharing can benefit from USHEALTH Group’s unique collection of Specified Disease/Sickness and Uninsured Accident Plans. These plans are reliable and flexible and are a hallmark of USHEALTH Group’s commitment to customer satisfaction. We help customers increase their health protection, regardless of what type of coverage they select.


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