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Jessica Smith Bobadilla Law

Jessica Smith Bobadilla Law

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Jessica Smith Bobadilla has been interested in the universe since she was young. Her parents, both immigrants from Fresno in California, had a diverse background that influenced all of Jessica's life. After the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1918, her paternal grandfathers migrated from Istanbul to Fresno. Jessica's paternal grandparents, Nevart and Manoog were a big influence. Nevart had migrated to Mexico first, where Jessica’s grandfather also moved to marry Jessica. Manoog changed his surname from Kouyoumjian to Smith due to immigration factors. Due to difficulties in pronouncing Armenian surnames by English speakers, many Armenians felt the pressure to Americanize them. The legal and social discrimination of Armenians refugees in Central California and their children was also a major factor in their decision to change surnames. Nevart’s family experienced a dramatic change in Mexico. They arrived as refugees, and found a safe place to live as well as freedom of religion. In the 1940s, Kisag, Nevart Avakian's older brother, bought the Hotel Caesar, a hotel in Tijuana. Kisag transformed the Hotel Caesar into a destination for famous guests from Mexico and the United States. Cesar Cardini was an Italian-born immigrant who founded the famous Caesar Salad. His family owned the hotel until Kisag bought it. Jessica's extended family still resides in Mexico, where they celebrate their combined Armenian-Mexican cultural roots. Gibelee, Jessica's cousin and a legal assistant at the firm who grew up and lived in Mexico is the person that you will speak to if you contact the office. Gibelee, Jessica's cousin and a gifted chef, was born and raised in Mexico. Jessica and Gibelee study Armenian virtually together with a teacher in Armenia. They are trying to reconnect with their roots and honor their grandmothers, Kisag & Nevart who survived the Armenian Genocide. Jessica has argued in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals several times. Jessica has won several Ninth Circuit and Tenth Circuit appeals cases and received attorney fees from the Department of Justice in certain cases for representing clients with meritorious claims which were initially denied. Her clients were on the verge of removal in all these cases because they had received poor or ineffective representation from an attorney before. Jessica obtained new hearings to help her clients avoid deportation. Jessica still oversees the operations of her firm, and defends personal clients in court.


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