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1 month ago
Run don’t walk from the worst attorney here in the valley! Rick Has a disconnection from his clients that is absolutely unreal! Considering you’re going through, probably the worst period of your life and the most vulnerable. Rick will not only not hear you out, bu...
3 months ago
Don't let this company scam you or take your hard money. Alex Valle Batres once again could not keep his promise or commitment. He is a liar and a con artist. Make an embezzlement report with your local police department and contact a lawyer. Let's sue him out o...
3 months ago
This company deserves Zero stars. ALEX BATRES VALLE (aka ELMER VALLE) is the biggest con artist and liar I have ever met. Do not give this company or him a cent of your hard earned money. All he will do is lie and postpone his promises hoping you will go away. Contact B...
7 months ago
Huge mistake trusting this company
7 months ago
Courtney at Datassist was such a life saver!! Not only did I need an updated resume , I needed it ASAP! She exceeded all my expectations and highly recommend her!! Thank you so much Courtney!!!!
9 months ago
Everything about Tiny Weeds is great...the people, products and speed of delivery.
9 months ago
Gary J. Hill and Gwen Connolly are the “Dream Team” for Fresno and outlying ares. They are amazing. I waited—it took awhile, but it was worth every second. They’re friendly, caring individuals! Thank you.
9 months ago
I would give you zero stars if it was available. I have had my system for three years from this company and I’ve had nothing but problems since day one. And the response from them is extremely poor. I absolutely do not recommend them under any circumstance.
10 months ago
Looking for the best solar company? Look no further than Supreme Solar! Don't just take my word for it – a friend recommended them to me, and I couldn't be happier. Before making a decision, I called several different solar companies, and Supreme Solar outshon...
11 months ago
Overpriced. This place doesn’t know good business even if it walked right in through the door. Their service is slow and very limited compared to other local dispensaries. They need to reconsider their whole pricing system, they also don’t honor medical cards. Which...
1 year ago
Mr. Espindola helped me resolve my case. He is very helpful, resourceful trustworthy and caring! I 100% recommend him!
1 year ago
More bait and switch postings for jobs. Wage up $18.50. In Woodward park area. They just looking for a complainant slave. While the office staff and managers work 9-5. I interview there. A worker walked in with a garbage bag with his uniform. And quite. By the way the ...
Jeffrey Joseph
1 year ago
The thing I really think is they discriminate. I guess older white guys don't fit their profile. I applied twice. They schedule a phone interview. Never called me. Tried to schedule again. But was locked out through their computer scheduling system. Just another b...
1 year ago
The company I work for uses this service , terrible on every level . Rude employees . The complete opposite of security . Never have I felt so vulnerable at work . Whenever we mention this our employer , claims everything is fine. Clearly a price point issue.