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9 months ago
Let me be very clear here, I was a very satisfied customer UNTIL something went wrong. My solar system that was installed by Semper Solaris went down at the end of March. I never would have known this because, like most people, I religiously watched my solar produc...
10 months ago
Signed 8 solar panel contract on Jan 2023, then they raised their price by $900 as their site inspection found the panels would make more electricity than the estimate. Why does that matter?!? I was purchasing not leasing. I decided not to argue as time was of the essen...
1 year ago
Better Earth team is lying from the salesperson to the man on charge with the installers no one has a idea who is doing what making a lot of entrees to homeowner calming my selves. They sell the panel and give you a contract that doesn't math what the salesperson v...
1 year ago
I was a potential customer of energy aid and deemed them to be professional and knowledgeable. I agreed to the diagnosis which took a few days to schedule, and when I wanted to move forward found scheduling and timeliness of getting work done was unacceptable. Additiona...