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Brands know that they need solid social proof to convince prospects and new potential customers that they are the one. To achieve that, they collect and consolidate feedback from different sources. One of the most effective ways to get the say of customers and product users is a survey. A survey covers more bases than […]

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Brands know that they need solid social proof to convince prospects and new potential customers that they are the one. To achieve that, they collect and consolidate feedback from different sources. One of the most effective ways to get the say of customers and product users is a survey.

A survey covers more bases than any other customer feedback prompt. Of course, there is always room for novel customer input, but surveys are designed to get more structured and quantifiable data. Even though brands have realized their importance, they still struggle with getting more respondents to fill out surveys.

In this blog, we will cover what online surveys bring to brand engagement, their importance in the virtual world, and how you can get more respondents.

Online Surveys & Brand Engagement

A survey is a questionnaire that marketers put forward to willing users. It contains carefully crafted and optimized questions to allow the brand to know about the services, products, and more. Considering the scope and depth of online surveys, they are better than simple customer reviews, testimonials, and brand mentions. This is because brands can control and quantify the contents of surveys to ensure that they end up with reliable and workable data.

At the very least, survey-filling activity creates brand engagement as users get to share their opinions and views online. Even if they are not satisfied with the products or services, they can add to the quality assurance side and create online buzz for the brand.

This is the part that professionals can capture and get their brands trending in the online world. 

Importance of Online Surveys

Many portals offer paid surveys to participants. This is a little incentive that can make them invested in the process. It also helps them in being honest and forthcoming with their replies. Surveys can take time to fill, comprising both demographic and psychographic questions. The aggregate of all the questions answered creates meaningful data to operate with.

The most important thing about surveys and other data collection methods is that they are a rich source of customer feedback. Brands covet feedback because it allows them to see what is working and what is not. Perhaps the most important aspect of customer feedback is that they trigger conversations between sellers and buyers.

There is nothing better than online chatter. Brands die young when they fail to connect with buyers and get them to talk about their products or services. For instance, Apple creates a lot of buzz with its new products, resulting in extensive media coverage and other panels.

Companies try continuously to improve the quality of products and services. Even though they have internal quality assurance departments to keep tabs on the quality, an honest piece review goes a long way. That’s why brand surveys yield a lot of useful data for companies to make better and more valuable products.

Top 7 Ways To Get More Survey Respondents

One of the problems with modern brand surveys is the declining number of respondents. Customers are not invested or interested enough to spend some time helping brands with their products, services, delivery, and so on.

In this section, we will cover seven of the best and time-tested methods to get more survey respondents to fill in the blanks.

Going through a survey form and then filling it with appropriate information takes time. Even the most loyal and motivated users think more than twice before promising to fill in the survey. One of the best ways to get them on your side is by motivating them. This can be done by putting the rationale behind conducting the survey out in the open. Make sure the purpose is not random to too generic but in line with your ongoing efforts.

Emails and conventional surveys do not hold much water compared to modern easy-going methods. So, the medium of a survey is the key in many cases. Since email and other traditional methods are almost dying as people are spending much time on social media platforms, you can improvise to get as many eyeballs on your surveys as possible. These days, text-based surveys are much more common and yield numerous results.

In the past, brands have tried to trick users by saying that the survey will only take a couple of minutes, resulting in around half an hour or more. Customers not only lose interest but also think that they are wasting their time.

Don’t get it wrong. Users are happy to put it in word but it should not take them long. Some estimates put the number around 20 minutes, at maximum. The best way to conduct a survey is to keep it under 15 minutes.

Another misconception about surveys is that they should allow users to add their twist to the question. This is not practical because it will get the researchers off the right course. Still, questions should be put in with great care because respondents tend to understand them poorly. Instead of simply asking about a thing, grade it or add YES or NO after the question to make it as much black and white as possible.

When you know there could be multiple answers to the same question, add a drop-down to get the best reply.

When you decide to add jargon and other technicalities in a public user survey, one of two things will happen and they both are not good for your brand. One, customers start to answer randomly because they cannot answer something accurately if they cannot understand a question. Second, they sign off from the survey leaving you with no response at all.

Make sure to use plain language with no adornments to ensure that all things are clear to the readers.

This is perhaps the most important aspect of the survey. Unless you have the right respondents for a survey, you cannot get satisfactory results for your company. For instance, if your brand created products for women, you cannot have men answering industry questions. It will either add no value or skewed value to the system.

The best participants for a brand survey include both current users and prospects who have shown interest in your products and services.

Timing is everything in all aspects of life, and surveys are no exception. Finding the right time to send out a survey adds much value to your data. One of the most common periods that brands explore is around 24 hours after delivering a product or service. This is when users remember your service.

The same goes for weekdays. No one wants to fill out surveys on weekends, but if you send them on Mondays and Tuesdays, you are sure to get answers.

Final Thoughts

Brand surveys and feedback engines allow companies to know about the mindset of the users and how they can improve their products and services. Even though creating a customer survey takes a couple of minutes, it is another matter to get respondents to fill out your surveys. This blog has covered some of the best ways to get more respondents to answer your call. You can incorporate some of the best practices or all at once to ensure that all things work out for your brand.

If you are worried about managing customer reviews, TrustAnalytica provides a hassle-free solution so that you can collect, process, and showcase positive customer sentiment on your website with no issue at all!


How do I get more respondents for online surveys?

Following are some of the best methods to get more respondents for online surveys:

What are the best channels to promote my survey to get responses?

Here are some of the ways you can promote your survey responses:

There are infinite ways that you can use to promote your survey responses. However, you need to be considerate and attentive toward the time and space of others.

How do I deal with a low response rate in a brand survey?

You can deal with the low response rate of a survey by doing the following:

Often, it all boils down to the timing and structure of a survey. If you can master these two things, you will see visible results in a short period.

What are the three things you could do to increase the response rate?

The three things you can do to increase the response rate of your surveys are:

We have covered other things in the blog that can help you with the response rate.

What are the ways to improve the response rate?

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