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Unified Messaging Software or UMS is modern software that connects all the important communication services in one easy to use platform that connects all your channels in one place. Voicemails, email inbox messages, instant messages from social media platforms, text messages from your phone, customer replies and queries from your email campaigns, and a number […]

by  Brad S |  April 1, 2022 |  Read 5 min

Unified Messaging Software or UMS is modern software that connects all the important communication services in one easy to use platform that connects all your channels in one place. Voicemails, email inbox messages, instant messages from social media platforms, text messages from your phone, customer replies and queries from your email campaigns, and a number of other channels are combined together by the UMS software. UMS software makes it convenient to manage all social media, web, email, phone, and all other internet presence by presenting all your chats and other messages through one platform. 

The UMS software is no less than a dream come true for mid-size and large organizations. This software helps large organizations manage and respond to all chats, messages, and emails through one platform which means they no longer have to hire a person to perform all these tasks. In this article, we will explain the importance and highlight all the major benefits of using Unified Messaging software. 

Carefully read this article from start to finish to know everything about unified messaging.

What is Unified Messaging?

According to definition, unified messaging is to combine and integrate different forms of media communications (email, text messaging, SMS, voicemails, and video messages) in one system. The system is responsible not only to receive all these messages from multiple platforms but also to respond and replying to all these messages from all these multiple media platforms. 

Traditionally all the different messaging systems relied on their own systems to send and receive messages but unified messaging has found a way to integrate all these different platforms into one system. This way a business owner can effectively respond to messages and resolve customer queries without ever leaving the unified platform. This not only enhances the communication experience but also increases the response rate by many folds.

What is the Best Platform That Provides Unified Messaging?

TrustAnalytica is by far the cheapest and most reliable unified messaging software that seamlessly integrates all customer interaction channels into one easy to use platform. Thanks to the best online reputation management software of 2022 now every business owner can manage their E-mail, SMS, MMS, social media messages, google messages, webchats, accept and process leads, and chat with website visitors all in one place. 

Unified messaging from TrustAnalytica can help your business grow exponentially as this platform will not only provide you with unified messaging but will also give you the power to manage and respond to business reviews, send bulk messages and emails, help you with appointment booking, create market automation, and request invoices from customers. Remember to book your free trial for TrustAnalytica and go to their billing section to find out more about this amazing unified messaging system

5 Important Benefits of Using Unified Messaging

Benefits of Using Unified Messaging

  1. Convenient Communication

Convenience and ease of communication is the topmost benefit of using unified messaging software. UMS software allows you to access and respond to messages from all the platforms in one single platform that you can access using your smartphone or with an email client. The instant messaging systems provided by unified messaging software helps you to easily communicate important messaging without having to reach your voice mail or turn on your Bluetooth. This way all of your intended parties get your messages without a delay – thus creating one central location to store all your messages. 

In addition to this, you can get your voicemails in another inbox to create some personalized greetings for some callers. Unified messaging tools also allows you to pause all message alerts using the “do not disturb” feature. 

Modern communications media tools were made to make your life easier not hard. Nowadays business owners are in a miserable situation because they need to respond to all queries from customers through email, SMS, MMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, messenger, google chat, and many other online messaging platforms. This makes it hard for them to focus on what’s more important. They either have to hire people and pay them a monthly salary to respond to all these messages to maintain their online reputation or they have to say goodbye to their online reputation. Unified messaging enhance employee productivity by providing them with all the information in one place. 

This way the employees will no longer have to summarize meetings to an employee who missed them, they will not have to respond to voice mails through emails, they will also not have to email all the customer chats to another department. If the employees are always busy doing unproductive work then it negatively affects your investment which is why you need unified messaging. 

One thing is obvious and that is how unified messaging impacts the agility of your organization. With unified messaging, you can instantly read and respond to all the messages and reviews from customers from all the different media tools. With unified messaging, the users can easily respond to messages from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, webchats, Google hangouts, Line, and many other online messaging platforms. 

Businesses nowadays need to be agile to maintain their online reputation, the online reputation of a business can make it or break it therefore companies need to be agile enough to respond to customer queries in real-time. For instance, if a customer is using your website and he/she is not sure about how to order a product then a customer support representative can rapidly respond to their query if they are using a unified messaging platform. 

In order to streamline and create a flow of all the IT operations, big and mid-sized companies need a unified messaging platform such as TrustAnalytica. Unified messaging platforms such as this one can help organizations properly manage a range of communications applications in a common environment. 

Not opening all different media tools separately and managing all of them through one unified messaging platform allows big organizations to avoid malware threats and data loss in addition to saving a lot of time.

Some years ago medium-sized and big organizations could not survive without hiring a team of employees to effectively manage and reply to all the customer communications from different platforms. If they did not do that they would either lose all their customers or risk losing their online reputation. Nowadays cheap and reliable AI-based unified messaging systems have taken over people’s jobs as they are better at providing all messages from all social media platforms into one single platform. 

This major turning point in technology has reduced business management costs by a fair margin. These are the reasons why business owners are now more inclined than ever to use UMS systems to manage the online reputation of their businesses. 

In conclusion, UMS software has brought a positive change towards managing online businesses. Business owners should opt for the best unified messaging platform available to reduce costs, increase productivity, and enable convenient communications. Using unified messaging tools will not only increase the response rate to messages but will also enhance the overall customer experience by many folds. 

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