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Updated: 28th April, 2024 The federal job market also known as the government job market has always provided excellent employment opportunities for both young and seasoned professionals. A government job is not just about money, but the prestige attached to the field attracts job seekers from all walks of life. The selection process and eligibility […]

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Updated: 28th April, 2024

Calling all job seekers in the public sector! Are you ready to take your career to new heights in 2023? Look no further! here we unveil the top 5 government resume writing services that will turbocharge your application and land you that dream job!

What is a Government Job Resume?

A government job resume is a customized document that spotlights your qualifications, skills, and experience for public sector positions.

It plays a vital role in your job application process when applying for government jobs at the federal, state, or local level. A well-crafted government resume helps hiring managers understand your abilities, achievements, and suitability for the specific role you’re applying to.

Government resumes follow specific formatting guidelines and may require additional details such as citizenship status, security clearances, and relevant government-related experience.

To increase your chances of securing an interview in public service, tailor your government job resume to each job opportunity and highlight your qualifications for the particular federal job opening.

How Does a Government Job Resume Differs from a Private Job Resume? – 5 Key Factors to Keep in Mind

When it comes to government job resumes versus private job resumes, there are several key factors that differentiate the two. Here are five important distinctions to keep in mind:

  1. Resume Length

    Government job resumes tend to be longer compared to private job resumes. While private sector resumes are typically one to two pages long, federal resumes can range from three to five pages in length. This is because government resumes require more detailed information to meet the specific requirements and qualifications of government positions.

  2. Resume Content

    Government job resumes often necessitate more comprehensive content than private job resumes. They typically include extensive information about education, work experience, skills, certifications, and even references. Private sector resumes, on the other hand, may focus more on concise and impactful summaries of relevant experience and achievements.

  3. Keywords Optimization & ATS

    The use of keywords is crucial for government job resumes. Federal agencies often employ applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan resumes for specific keywords and phrases. To increase your chances of getting through this initial screening process, it’s essential to incorporate relevant keywords from the job posting into your government resume.

  4. Formatting of the Resume

    Government job resumes often adhere to specific formatting guidelines outlined by federal or state agencies. These guidelines may include font size, spacing, and sections required for certain types of government positions. Private job resumes generally have more flexibility in terms of formatting choices.

  5. Purpose of Resume

    The purpose of a government job resume differs from that of a private job resume. Government resumes aim to demonstrate how your skills, qualifications, and experiences align with the specific requirements of government positions. Private sector resumes, on the other hand, generally emphasize your accomplishments, skills, and fit within a particular industry or company culture.

5 Top Resume Writing Services For Government Jobs

There is no denying that finding the right service provider these days can be a real uphill task. There are just too many options and each one seems better and more feasible than the last. So, to get the best resume-writing services for federal jobs, how can you zero in on the top company?

Certainly, there are several parameters and areas that you need to gauge before handing in your money for a virtual product. Being in the business for so long, we can save you from all the hard work of researching, shortlisting, approaching, and repeating.

This section is about the top 5 federal resume-writing companies that aspirants can hire and hope for quick interview calls.

1. Resume That Works (Editor’s Choice)

Starting with the best contender, Resume That Works stands out from the crowd as the Best government resume Writing Service online. Resume That Works is a highly regarded resume-writing company that specializes in creating professional resumes.

They offer services to help individuals land their dream jobs, including federal and government job resumes. Their team of career experts is praised for their dedication and expertise in crafting job-winning resumes.

Career experts from Resumes That Works can create a job-winning resume in every field all thanks to their decades of industry experience. The company prides itself in covering a wide intellectual area.

Since its establishment, the company has produced over 120,000 resumes for successful careers.

2. Rocket Resume 

Apart from custom resumes for federal jobs, Rocket Resume holds a fine collection of resume templates and samples that aspirants can buy and then incorporate their information into.

You can have an excellent resume of your liking in a matter of seconds.

3. Resumes That Sell

Resumes That Sell was established in 2005 and carved out a place for itself in the business.

You can place your order and rightly hope for the brand to come through in terms of quality work and adherence to guidelines.

4. Klaxos LinkedIn Profile & Resume Writing Services

Klaxos holds an extensive collection of templates for resumes, LinkedIn bios, and cover letters.

The company has extensive experience in developing resumes for diverse fields, including federal jobs.

5. JobStars USA

JobStars USA helps Federal job seekers across all industries, occupations, and GS-levels.

The process begins with an online introductory questionnaire followed by a telephone intake call. First drafts are ready in 7 business days and there’s a 30-day window for revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Ideal Format For Writing A Resume For Federal Government Jobs

Every resume has a specific theme and format to follow. This determines the overall structure and focus of the document to the most important and relevant details.

When it comes to writing a federal resume, you need to make sure that the margins on both horizontal and vertical sides are level.

The industry standard is one inch on both dimensions and that is effective for resumes for jobs in the government sector.

As for the overall theme of the resume, it can be chronological and reverse-chronological in order. A chronological resume, as the name suggests, covers the journey of the aspirant from academic qualifications to work experience and beyond. On the other hand, a reverse-chronological resume moves back from work experience to academic qualifications.

Both have their scope and application in the field. For entry-level positions, it is best to have a chronological resume as it covers the required areas for the job, whereas a reverse chronological resume makes a better case for professionals applying for mid-career and executive positions.

Cost To Hire Resume Writing Services For Federal Jobs

The cost or pricing of a federal resume is one of the subjective things about the process. For many, it is the determining factor whether to hire a company or resume writing service or not. 

In our research, we have found that $100 is the sweet spot where you can get the best value for your money. 

Job seekers should look for value rather than pricing because it’s always worth it to invest your money and time to advance your career.

Major Sections In Resume Writing For Government Jobs

A resume is a compact document that covers different areas of an aspirant’s life and achievements. No matter which format of your resume or the focus, there are certain sections and areas that you need to cover in it.

For the resume of a government job, these are the major sections that job seekers need to ace:

These elements are often common in all resumes. However, professional resume writing services work their magic by optimizing them and ensuring that all of the entries in the resume are focused on the intended position.

Summing Up The Conversation

Federal jobs offer an exceptional career trajectory to professionals. But the entry is rather uncertain and competitive. A solid resume can ease up the process and ensure that you are in the race through successive interview calls and meetings.

We have covered all the relevant bases in this blog, along with the best government job resume writing services. You can hire the one most suitable for your case and get guaranteed success.

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