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Business reviews and testimonials are now at the core of online business structures. There used to be a time when entrepreneurs did not have to struggle much and putting content online here and some reviews or backlinks there would open avenues for them. These days, it takes a lot more than just a sporadic digital […]

by  Brad S |  July 15, 2022 |  Read 7 min

Business reviews and testimonials are now at the core of online business structures. There used to be a time when entrepreneurs did not have to struggle much and putting content online here and some reviews or backlinks there would open avenues for them. These days, it takes a lot more than just a sporadic digital marketing approach to succeed.

Online reviews, Google Reviews specifically, have caught the imagination of the public as they go through some research before putting their hard-earned money into the hands of a company with only a digital footprint. Another harsh reality of today is the ineffectiveness of marketing material on its own as people prefer word of mouth of someone like them; preferably one of them.

That’s why businesses go through a lot of trouble and hassle to get online business reputation software and integrate them with their websites. This allows, not only active real-time, monitoring of the online chatter but also gives them control over controlling volatile situations.

For the sake of small businesses that struggle in the tricky waters of digital marketing, we will discuss;

Top Modern Google Reviews Widgets

Google Reviews widgets are truly wonderful. They cut down costs and hassle that small businesses often cannot afford and endure. The best thing about a free customer review widget for a website is that it does its job automatically without needing any interference or input from professionals on daily basis.

Mentioning and grading the top 5 modern Google Reviews widgets is a hard task. There are two reasons for that issue that are highlighted in the bullets below:

That’s why we will only mention the best Google Reviews plugins or widgets, we are talking about the programs that are available now in their stable versions and not in their beta rendition.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Topping our list is one of the most recognizable brands in the digital marketing space when it comes to the best Google Reviews widgets available for businesses. TrustAnalytica is a leading online brand reputation company around the globe. It has a large clientele with companies from both small businesses to large corporations.

The company believes in and aims to empower small businesses through the automation of online reputation control. Through their widget, any business can monitor and even respond to the online chatter about the brand, mostly in the form of ratings, comments, and Google Reviews.

It has a sleek dashboard with all the essential features tucked into it. There is a lot of flexibility in terms of goal setting, reach, scope, and achievement of a brand.        

Google Reviews Widget

Google Reviews Widget is a native application developed and maintained by Google, the largest online search engine in the world. It is a free plugin for WordPress websites that can import and showcase testimonials and reviews from clients.

The winning thing about Google Reviews Widget is that it can shorten long reviews on its own and then store them in the WordPress database, resulting in less dependence on Google Places API which leads to better performance and quick results.

For a business, it can also add a new picture or customize one to meet the demands.

If a business is willing to pay the premium for Google Reviews Widget, rest assured that it comes with many useful features.           

WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews

  1. commerce has been showing tremendous growth in the last couple of years. It has revolutionized the way how businesses conduct business. Since people who visit e-commerce websites have a clear intention to convert and become paying customers, it is a matter of life and death for them to not only integrate Google Reviews through widgets but also remain on top of the developments in the industry to achieve better results.

WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews is a great choice for online stores. Here are some clear reasons why:

Easy Google Places Reviews

For businesses who are looking for a quick and seamless way to get started in the line of collecting and displaying Google Reviews, then Easy Google Places Reviews is the best plugin for them. The best part about the plugin is its simplicity which is revealed by the fact that it requires only one form submission to display Google Reviews on the website.

To get started, here is a step-by-step walk-through:

Apart from embedding the widget on the website, there is also a shortcode available for developers that they can add to any post or page of their choice. The plugin is extremely responsive which will add to the aesthetics and utility of your website.       

Everest Google Places Reviews

Last but not least in the list of the best modern Google Reviews plugins is the Everest Google Places Reviews. It comes with a sleek and industrial look with many customization options for users to streamline their workflow.

The main unique selling point of this widget is that it has five different review templates to embed reviews in either a list or a slider format. The customization does not end there. Even after choosing a format, for instance, slider one, you can easily alter the animations and navigation styles to personalize the whole aesthetics of the widget. In addition, there are almost five distinguishing badge designs to choose from and display on the panel.

On the source front, a business can add numerous Google Places at once along with other metrics, such as description limits, star-ratings standards, and so on.  

Why Google Reviews Widgets Is A Game-Changer For Your Business

Studies have shown that modern consumers rely heavily on customer reviews, ratings, and comments to make sure they are choosing the right business. An estimate put the percentage at around 87% for people who consider online reviews equal to personal recommendations.

In a business environment like this, it is necessary for businesses to not only harness the power of Google Reviews but also put it to great use by highlighting it strategically. After going through a definitive list of the best Google Reviews plugins for websites, it is only natural to let businesses know what they can achieve by incorporating the best one with their platform.

This section is dedicated to showing the power of Google Reviews and how it can transform the business for the best. 

Credibility For Business

In the earlier days, it was absolutely no way to know about the consumer sentiment toward a brand. Through the websites, companies would harp about how good and competitive they were and people would take their word for it.

Today, businesses need credibility. The most effective way to get consumers and clients on a business’s side is by showing them how the business is liked and revered by prospects and other clients.

Google Reviews is the primary source of this information. Since a large majority across the globe uses Google Search as their default search engine, the search engine rewards businesses that check all the boxes in terms of the best search engine practices.

Engagement For Clients

Clients need to engage with their suppliers. They want to have their say about how the company operates and how it meets the demands of the clients. Similarly, they want to show their approval when the products or services were up to the standards and vent their anger when they were not.

Instead of using social media where the visibility of that feedback is slim, they prefer to leave reviews and comments on the website or the company’s official Google Reviews handle. So, businesses with integrated Google Reviews can take care of their clients whether they are happy or angry.   

Great For the Site’s Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is about creating and optimizing content that is easily discoverable and credible for the search engine because it follows the rules and best practices promulgated by the search engine.

Google is the primary source point for SEO as it is widely used by people across the globe. In addition to the search engine and maps application, it has Google My Business as well as Local Pack. These initiatives allow businesses to create profiles and get reviews from their clients.

In the Local Pack, Google rewards the most trusted businesses across many metrics, one of them being the quality of Google Reviews.

That’s why businesses can get a lot out of Google Reviews widgets, especially when they are fine-tuned and tweaked for specific purposes.      

Start & End Of Review Cycle

According to experts, there are five distinct phases of an online reviews cycle. It starts with reach and then goes through acquisition, conversion, retention, and then reach loyalty. The interesting aspect of this cycle is that it starts with customer feedback or specifically a Google Review and then concludes at the same stage.

This reason alone should be sufficient for the businesses to aim high and make sure that they end up on the better side of the spectrum. So, getting and integrating a Google Reviews widget will be the right step in the direction, especially for small businesses.      

Reduction In Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a metric that site managers use to gauge the quality of site traffic. The time users spend browsing on a website is a simple manifestation of a bounce rate. The higher this time gets, the worse it gets for a website as it shows that people are spending less time on the site.

One of the obvious reasons behind higher bounce rates is the distrust and wariness of a brand. By integrating a solid Google Reviews widget, such as the one created and maintained by TrustAnalytica, businesses can get a much-needed edge against the competition.

Summing It Up

There is no denying that finding and integrating a solid Google Reviews widget on your business website can be a tough nut to crack. In the spirit of helping businesses out, we have listed some of the best and most trusted Google Reviews widgets in the market. This allows businesses to monitor and showcase customers’ reviews and comments from the source to the main website in a hassle-free manner.

This will surely help businesses to achieve both short and long-term goals including driving more traffic to their site, getting more conversions, and enhancing their online footprint. Survival in this cut-throat competition is almost impossible without it.       

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