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Whether traditional reputation matters or not, online reputation does, no matter if you are an ordinary person, an extraordinary person, or a brand. In terms of general reputation management, local business online reputation matters a lot. For a long time, local businesses and small enterprises struggle with building credibility and reputation beyond the borders it […]

by  Brad S |  May 28, 2022 |  Read 5 min

Whether traditional reputation matters or not, online reputation does, no matter if you are an ordinary person, an extraordinary person, or a brand. In terms of general reputation management, local business online reputation matters a lot.

For a long time, local businesses and small enterprises struggle with building credibility and reputation beyond the borders it operates. The world of the internet is still uncharted territory for most of the local businesses that are not even aware of the potential it holds. 

Much of this unawareness is ascribed to the lack of technical and marketing muscle. The remedy to this malady comes from third-party dedicated digital marketing companies. They have what it takes including an expert team of marketers, expertise, and management to achieve quantifiable results in record time. Also, their reliance on dedicated software to monitor and guide online “chatter” regarding a local brand reputation management.

SEO For Local Reputation Management

At this point, people even remotely interested in or related to the internet know about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is about the best practices according to the guidelines of search engines, most Google, to improve the search visibility and rankings of a website against intended keywords.

For small businesses that want to improve their online visibility vis-a-vis local reputation, it is necessary to have a solid SEO strategy and workable tactics to materialize both short and long-term goals.

For instance, if a plumber in a city or a town wants to enhance online local reputation, the company can do much better by ranking its website against keywords with intents like “best plumbers”, “emergency plumbers”, and so on. In addition to this, targeting long-term keywords, such as “best residential plumbers in Mountain View”, “24 hours plumber in Mountain View”, and so forth.

This is the first and the most crucial step in creating and sustaining a local online reputation.

Local Reviews Reign Supreme

Even at the cost of oversimplification, small businesses need quality, positive reviews to maintain their online reputation. According to studies, over 97% of consumers go through online profiles of businesses before making a purchase, whether it is a dentist, motor workshop, etc. Inevitably, when they go online, they get a chance to take a look at the feedback left by other customers.

In the current Google regime, reviews are highly visible and are highlighted across the board. The statistics in this regard are highly decisive and are as follows:

After all, online local reputation is what users perceive about a brand. Depending on which platforms are decisive and what the standing of that brand is over there, companies can decide which course they should pursue in making or maintaining their online local reputation.

Positive Reviews Vs Negative Reviews

To get started in this field, it is necessary to have a repository of reviews. This is an undisputed indicator for prospects to know for sure whether a business is legitimate or not. A bustling interactive section where customers and potential customers are connecting is good news for serious businesses.

Still, it is inevitable to receive negative reviews now and then. They can put a dent in the reputation, yet they could have a silver lining in them.

The way a business deals with a negative review tells a lot about its culture and ethics.

Here are some important co-relative factors of positive and negative reviews:

These insights show that a business’s survival depends on getting positive reviews as they wade through troubled waters in this environment of cut-throat competition.

Google Reviews – The Most Influential Reviews Site

Now that we have gone through the essentials of local brand reputation and how reviews are necessary to even have a minimal online presence for small businesses, it is time to dig a little deeper.

Search engines now have sophisticated algorithms that stress more on the quality of traffic and backlinks to a website or a web page than the quantity of those. It means even humble traffic from respected websites can generate much integrity in terms of SERPs, SEO, and so on.

For small businesses struggling to break through, the starting and the endgame are Google. The search engine giant has a dedicated review platform, especially for small businesses – Google My Business.

The platform allows companies to create profiles with necessary information and multimedia which in turn will show on search results and other points of possible contact with consumers and prospects. Until now, it is hard to beat its hegemony in the market depending on its reach and scope for both small and large enterprises. 

For brands still struggling with google review management, it is best to head on to Google My Business and complete the onboarding process to ace the game.

Benefits of Local Reputation Management

After going through the chemistry and physics of local business reputation management, it is clear as day that local reputation management is essential. Not only to meet short-term goals but also to cover long-term lead generation and other targets.

Following are some benefits of local SEO reputation management.

Trust & Credibility

Due to the meager volume of transactions and engagement, small businesses often struggle to get the word of mouth going. In other words, small businesses often have non-existent trust and credibility. This is where local online reputation management can play a key role.

Brand Reinforcement

The modern generation of consumers and buyers heavily rely on virtual modes of buying and hiring. A white label reputation management model can handle the bulk in this regard. Businesses that are in line with millennials have better brand reinforcements as they do more businesses than just buying or selling goods or services.

Lead Generation

Local business reputation is still the most effective tool for lead generation. It takes a well-rounded content strategy and schedule to stay relevant in the virtual world. The rewards for this labor come in the form of new paying customers, leading to business growth and development.

Customer Retention

There are just too many options when a consumer goes online, either they are looking to eat, buy clothes, or need a plumber for their place. If a company has customers already, it needs to retain them. Again, this is where local business reputation management can do wonders.

A stringent SEO position with a comprehensive social media presence helps companies stay in the minds of their consumers. This gives a chance to create a two-way communication channel necessary to keep the ball rolling.

Strong Team Building

A company is as good as the employees it attracts and retains. With a solid online reputation, it is hard to see why young professionals with immense talents would not want to work for a company.

This is necessary for both customers and people looking for jobs as it indicates that a company has a positive and thriving culture. 

Enhanced SERPs

It is maybe hard to believe for some people but the content is still the king. New reviews posted online are treated as such by Google and other search engine platforms. This allows the search engines to gauge the quality of attracted traffic against specific keywords. That’s why they are necessary for small businesses as they bolster a brand’s online presence.

In recent updates, Google revealed that the company puts as much as 10% weightage in online reviews while indexing and ranking websites and subsequent pages.

Organic Site Traffic

When a business has a strong online brand reputation, it becomes not only visible and accessible to both current customers and prospects. They can see that it is indeed a legitimate business with a strong brand voice and recognition.

Apart from customers, it also attracts other fringe and core actors of the online world, including sponsors, advertisers, marketers, etc.


With the rising number of sellers and over-sophistication of modern algorithms, small businesses vying for better search results rankings and social media presence have only one way forward. It is best to get one of the top online reputation companies on board as they have dedicated tools and teams to monitor and guide brand perceptions online.

Strong brand ethics and service delivery on the ground, coupled with an excellent online reputation will allow small businesses and local enterprises to sustain growth and improve lead generation. 

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