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Businesses are constantly evolving in this high-paced environment. The focus of development is specifically on the customer support and experience side. With the internet as the driving force, the face of commerce has changed forever. In a virtual world, businesses and clients connect through different channels. Even though social media platforms have attracted parties from […]

by  Brad S |  July 25, 2022 |  Read 7 min

Businesses are constantly evolving in this high-paced environment. The focus of development is specifically on the customer support and experience side. With the internet as the driving force, the face of commerce has changed forever.

In a virtual world, businesses and clients connect through different channels. Even though social media platforms have attracted parties from both sides of the spectrum, it is not a suitable platform to address grievances and resolve issues.

This leaves them with either giving a call or contacting them through email. While the former can cost money, the latter is too slow and cumbersome to provide any real relief. This leaves the web chat tools wide open for grabs.

Web chat tools are integrated messaging services where clients can anonymously connect with a company and get a resolution of any issue they might be facing or an answer to their questions.

In this post, our goal is to explore;

The Functioning Of A Web Chat Tool

The premise of a live web chat is straightforward. It appears as a pop-up message when a user visits a website or an application that has a web chat tool integrated into it. If he opens the chat option, it will allow him to send a direct message to the customer support team of the company.

There is no denying that it has made the communication channel more effective and hassle-free for both businesses and clients, but the good things are yet to come. In addition to providing a hotline between the two parties, it allows a business too;

At the other end of the fence, an agent would probably see the same format and layout or it can be more rudimentary depending on the online web chat tool that companies employ.

Now that we are on the subject of the interface, there is no uniform code for its development and utility of it. Many companies make it mandatory for clients to log in with their credentials before sending a message. They also add color and the logo of the brand to add a personal touch to the tool.

Another important aspect of the live web chat tool is the indication of being active on the client’s side. This is very useful as customers and prospects would not have to wait long. In the event of no agent at the receiving end, the automated message will be displayed at the client’s end to let them know.   

Kinds of Chat Tools For Websites

Just like any other online application or software, there are many types of online web chat tools. The difference in this regard is not about cosmetic changes but capabilities in terms of code, reach, and scope.

As an online company with clients from across diverse spectra, it is necessary to understand the types, especially from a financial point of view.

There are two major types of web chat tools:

Stand Alone Web Chat Tools

Stand-alone web chat tools are preferred by those companies that are more focused on getting in-depth analytical insights, related to customer retention and the effectiveness of chat options.

They are often loaded with cutting-edge features they have a singular focus on one function alone – chat between customer support and clients.    

Integrated Web Chat Tools

Integrated web chat tools are complemented by other features that come with the package. The most common complimentary service that comes integrated with web chat tools is schedule automation.

They are more cost-effective and can perform well by relying partially on already-integrated software and systems.

TrustAnalytica, a leading brand in web chat tools which we will discuss later on, excels in offering both types of web chat tools, depending on the needs and budget of an individual client.     

How A Business Can Pick The Right One

Since businesses are always on the lookout to get the best and the brightest in terms of online chat tools for websites, they should not skimp on the general planning and thought process.

The quality metrics of the web chat tool that a company chooses over others, such as responsiveness, AI integration, and so on, will directly affect the customer-brand relations.

Here are some of the common elements that businesses should consider before splurging their cash on a web chat tool.  


The first and foremost thing about purchasing a tool is about realizing its needs. In the case of a web chat tool, it is best to gauge its reach and scope across functions and departments. For instance, if you are going to use the tool for both sales and customer support instead of either, you suddenly have a wider price net to spend on a business tool.   


Any business decision is incomplete and a complete folly if it does not align with the budget. The simple decision in this regard is the capacity to invest in a tool. If in the short term you do not have the money to get a new tool, it does not matter how good that tool is.

Ironically, a more expensive tool could make sense it will be used by many departments for multiple tasks.     

Current Infrastructure

Inventory and documentation are the keys. Instead of spending first and then looking later only to find the same thing lying in the warehouse can be a setback. The best thing to do is to profile all the tools, including what they are being used and what they can achieve with a little tweaking. 

Often complementary software has free tools for related tasks that can save precious dollars.  

Adding Web Chat Tools To Your Website Gives Immense Advantages

Even at the cost of being counter-productive, it is necessary to go through the benefits of adding web chat tools to the website.

In this section, we have chalked out some of the most important advantages that online web chat tools offer to businesses. 

Improved Customer Experience

Estimates have shown that customers who find online chat options on a website or application become readily satisfied with the business. The number that came out of these estimates is 73% which is substantial, and even essential for businesses to pursue and implement web chat tools on their websites and achieve maximum client satisfaction.

Boost In Online Sales & Marketing

Another research has shown that having an interactive online web chat tool can have a direct impact on sales and marketing. It is because customers are never left alone and always taken care of. Since many customers struggle with last-minute decisions, expert advice can come in handy and prove lucrative for the business.  

Reduction In Cart Abandonment Incidents

Online stores often witness the phenomenon of cart abandonment. It is when a client chooses to buy a thing but then leaves the transaction there and then. This happens a lot and most of the time customers get stuck with a technical issue. 

In the absence of a compatible online chat tool, they have nowhere to go but to leave.

Depending on the web chat tool and how a company has integrated it with the system, businesses can leverage the position and get the index of cart abandonment incidents to the minimum – even almost zero!  

Customer Retention Through Brand Development

With customers leaving the website halfway through, it could become fatal for the brand. By utilizing the features of the web chat tool and making sure that the brand impression is positive across the board, a business can reap tremendous rewards in both the short term and long term, through revenue generation and customer retention respectively. 

Affordable & Effective

It should not come as a surprise that having a web chat tool with cutting-edge features can save a lot of money for a business. It is a big headache to hire and maintain a big customer support team.

Instead having modern software coupled with a handful of trained professionals can yield amazing results.   

5 Best Web Chat Tools

In this section, we will take a look at the top 5 web chat tools that both small businesses and large corporations can incorporate into their website or application for smooth customer service as well as marketing and sales endeavors.  

TrustAnalytica is a market-leading brand when it comes to online brand reputation. It is known for its cutting-edge solutions with innovative products and responsive customer support.

The company aims to help small businesses automate their processes for streamlining their operations and save costs along the way. The online web chat tool of TrustAnalytica is perfect for both small and large businesses. 

The process to get the tool is pretty straightforward.

TrustAnalytica does not stop here and also offers reliable tools for online brand reputation, no matter how small or large your business is.  

LiveChat offers a free WordPress plugin that is easy to incorporate on a website powered by the most popular site-building platform. The company offers exclusive designs that which customer support team can use over a diverse range of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices.

In addition to this, companies can integrate survey forms with each session where clients can provide their feedback on the quality of the online web chat tools. 

In addition to this, the software offers onboarding with other popular workflow platforms to make sure that the whole operation remains streamlined.

HubSpot is another multiple services provider brand in the market that offers both “off-the-shelf” chatbots and the necessary tools for businesses to create their bot. There are a plethora of customization and utilization options that businesses can explore to make the experience seamless and smooth for clients.

Through integrated chatbot solutions, companies can streamline chat, support, and email automation through one dashboard.

There is always a free trial available for businesses with no strings attached for further commitments. 

HubSpot could be on the pricey side but it offers more than just a chatbot with well-rounded services to complement the online chat tool for improved communication. 

AI and ML-based chatbots are gaining traction thanks to their ability to deal with complex problems after training models. The best thing about them is that they are available 24/7 and cannot even think about venting on customers during late hours.

ChatBot comes with easy chatbot-building tools and interfaces which makes the process easier and hassle-free. 

The efficiency of these bots can be illuminated by the fact that they can walk through a customer the whole process of placing an order and even availing a discount.

The company has diverse plans for businesses, depending on their needs, budgets, and goals.

Sendinblue has come out of the blue and captured the imagination of businesses. It is a small and hassle-free tool that allows businesses to covert mere browsing users into paying customers.

It is well-versed in breaking down complex problems of clients into small palatable answers. Another thing about this online web chat tool is that it comes with complete integration of marketing solutions, including targeted Facebook advertisements, landing pages, email marketing, and so on!

There are different pricing options for different businesses but the ones with only one user are free when purchased with other tools. For reference, the premium plans start from $65 a month.

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