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The internet has changed the way we conduct commercial transactions and interact with businesses. In recent times, there has been an exceptional surge for brands to shift from internal narrative to external narrative. Instead of relying on sales copy, they are more into collecting true customer testimonials and then sharing them with the prospects to […]

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The internet has changed the way we conduct commercial transactions and interact with businesses. In recent times, there has been an exceptional surge for brands to shift from internal narrative to external narrative. Instead of relying on sales copy, they are more into collecting true customer testimonials and then sharing them with the prospects to answer their unasked questions.

Customer reviews and testimonials come in the form of comments and polls that shed light on their experience concerning the brand’s name, products, and services.

Although many online guides can help brands get more customer reviews, they always have some caveats. So, this post will shed ample light on the importance of customer feedback and how brands can accumulate and showcase reviews to further their brand’s appeal.

Importance of Getting Feedback From Customers

Research has shown that modern consumers are wary of brands, no matter how open, transparent, and honest they seem. That’s why they go through multiple platforms where brands collect and curate reviews from customers. According to an estimate, more than 90% of online shoppers go through at least four reviews before making a purchase. In addition to this, they also get the feel of the online reputation of the brand by understanding the sentiment of customers and other prospects.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, customers are more akin to peer-generated content, compared to glossy copy from the brands. That’s why brands have shifted their focus from simply proactive or reactive strategies to interactive ones.

The more positive reviews a brand has, the better chances it has to connect with more prospects and turn the users into paying customers. That’s why it is impossible to play down the importance of review collection and propagation.

25 Ways To Get More Legal Reviews For Business

Now that we have made the importance of customer reviews and testimonials crystal clear, it is time to cover some of the clever ways brands can get feedback from customers. Keep in mind that the best returns are only possible when you automate the whole process of collecting, processing, and consolidating reviews.

TrustAnalytica is a leader in online reputation management since its inception. Since a brand’s online reputation is very much about customer reviews and feedback, we have got this covered for you. So, get more reviews easily with TrustAnalytica!

As for the ways to get reviews from customers, these are the best and most effective 25 methods.

Asking For Reviews

Whether you are a star brand or a person, it is best to be willing to ask for something. When it comes to positive reviews, many satisfied customers often need a polite push to leave glowing reviews. It all boils down to how and when you ask them to.

Understand & Follow The Rules

Different customer reviews platforms have their own rules and regulations. Funnily enough, some are almost exactly the opposite of their counterparts. Before getting your customers to leave reviews and testimonials, it is best to understand the rules and abide by them all the time.

Motimenitor & Manage Reviews

There is no point in collecting and showcasing positive customer sentiment if you are not willing to go the extra mile of monitoring and managing it. TrustAnalytica provides all the tools to ensure that brands are at the top of the developments and online chatter surrounding their brand.

Get Notifications Through Google Alert 

Google Alert is a free tool that notifies the brand whenever it is mentioned at the designated sites and platforms. This gives legroom for the brand to show gratitude for the positive reviews and counter the negative sentiment. You can set notifications for even branded products and services.

Updated Review Profiles

Before updating a review profile, you need to have one in the first place. Make sure that you are following your potential customers across the internet and then creating profiles on the platforms. After creating those, it is best to revisit the settings and profiles periodically and update them accordingly.

Be Active On All Relevant Profiles

Instead of simply creating profiles and then leaving them for good, pick a handful of platforms and remain active there. It will show the consumers that there are indeed humans backstage communicating with the users. At the most, there are no more than 5 to 7 platforms that help brands build authentic reviews.

Make A Lasting First Impression

In the virtual world, first impressions count more than they do in the real world. If a prospect does not like what he sees, he will abandon the brand for good and move on to the other business. So, make sure to have a lasting first impression on your customers to provide services and get more legal reviews for the business.

Develop For Mobile First

Since the advent of smart devices, people are using them more than their traditional, desk-bound counterparts. In the case of review requests, always integrate or embed mobile-friendly links so that users can leave positive reviews on the go. The less complicated a process, the more chances you have of customers going through it.

Create A Dedicated Reviews Page on Your Website

If you want to show your users that you are serious about customer reviews, you need to show them through a dedicated reviews page. TrustAnalytica can help you set up a page with custom settings. The reviews with your selected criteria will be added to the page automatically.

Make The Process Easier

Customers often dread the whole process of searching for the desired brand name and then going through countless steps before leaving a review, one of the proven ways to encourage users to leave reviews is to make the whole process easier. This includes leaving direct links in the email and other review requests.

Embed A Review Link In Email Signature

Sometimes, the prospect of asking customers to leave a review can become intrusive and too ambitious. The more subtle way to do so is by adding a review link to the email signature. The moment it shows up in the users’ inbox, it will show an embedded link.

Encourage Users For Detailed Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials can be the ultimate brand stories. They show the journey of the customer, the reluctance at first, the skepticism, and the ultimate conversion after the dispensation of excellent services. So, always encourage your customers and prospects to leave detailed reviews.

Connect With the Right Persons

Instead of merely collecting vanilla reviews, it is best to connect with the most satisfied and friendly customers. It is because the ratio of positive to negative reviews is important and you do not want to connect with those who have some grudge against your brand.

Always Respond To Negative Reviews

Many brands believe that ignoring negative reviews is a great idea. This is simply detrimental as unattended negative reviews lead to plummeting online rankings and human trust in the brand.

Show Gratitude For Positive Reviews

The same goes for positive reviews. Instead of leaving them be or replying to generic texts, make sure to express gratitude and add value to the response by telling them about new products and services. This is one of the surefire ways to get more reviews from your customers.

Share Best Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Another way of getting users to leave reviews is by sharing positive sentiments from others. So, pick a 5-star review from one platform and then share it with the other, and vice versa. This will cover more audiences and even produce a bandwagon effect.

Take Customer Feedback Seriously

Customer feedback is not just for the show. You can add serious value to your brand and products by taking them seriously and then building on them. Make sure you let people know that you are paying heed to what they have to say.

Create A Buzz Around Your Brand With Freebies

Giveaways and freebies may seem childish but they get willing parties to get into the fold. You can even consider it to be the free samples that will make people ask for more. There are always freebies and giveaways for brands, no matter what.

More Reviews Mean Better Social Proof

Social proof is a testament from a majority of users that a brand is indeed reliable and trustworthy. The best and most obvious way for a brand to collect social proof is by getting more positive reviews from users. If you are wondering about the platforms, these are the best sites for local businesses to collect reviews.

Share Reviews For Other Businesses

Sharing reviews for other brands can also direct a line of users to your brand. It might sound tricky but it is not as it covers all the areas of your brand.

Automate Emails & Reminders

Manual work can break the back of your business. So, instead of tweaking and fine-tuning all the content, get automated emails and reminders to streamline the whole process.

Tap Into The Power of Social Media

Since its advent on the modern stage, social media has taken the world by storm. Today, there are more than 5 billion active monthly users on a handful of social media platforms. So, tap into its power and connect with users to get more positive reviews.

Get Influencers Onboard

Influencers have proved themselves to be great assets for brands. They already enjoy large audiences and they can ensure that the branded message is heard across the board. Not to mention is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics.

Provide Exceptional Services

When it comes to the ultimate and most important part of getting customer reviews, providing excellent services and products. Above all the review requests, marketing campaigns, and so on, it is about providing the best and getting the best in return.

Summing Up The Conversation

The internet world is tricky. So, no matter how good your products, services, and brand name are, you are sure to get negative flak from users. Instead of panicking and losing your calm, connect with them and sort the issue out. In this blog, we have shared 25 ways brands can collect and create a convincing repository of customer reviews. We hope that brands will find it helpful in getting better traction with the users and turning them into paying customers.


How can I get more of my clients to review my products or services?

Why are customer reviews significant in online marketing and commerce?

From connecting with prospects to retaining customers, online reviews are about creating and sustaining a line of communication between these entities.

How can I influence customer reviews?

What are some of the easiest methods to get feedback from customers?

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